The Word Every Leader Should Say More Often and the 4 Reasons Why


The word is NO. Sound negative? It just might be the single most positive word you can use for your clients and team alike.


Saying No:

  • Sets Expectations – If you say yes when you are not sure you are setting your team or clients up for disappointment. When you say no you have the opportunity to under promise and over deliver. The reverse rarely turns out well.
  • Drives Focus – You and your team only have a certain amount of time. When you don’t say No you are allowing a lack of focus to seep in. Don’t!
  • Facilitates Balance – Yin and Yang is a true concept. The world demands balances. Without No, Yes becomes a concept without an opposite force. Yes more than No is certainly the desired approach for all involved. The concept of No must also have a place.
  • It Provides Sustainability – If you constantly say yes you will eventually reach capacity. Running at or above capacity is by definition unsustainable. No is the only defense for this conundrum.

Communication drives execution. No is key to good communication. Communicate is one of the 3 main tenets of Do, Move and Communicate. Let Edspire, Inc. help you communicate well.  We are Edspire, Inc. A company that helps clients DO operations better. Contact us at

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